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BIPA Regular Programs

Types of Courses


A. Elementary Indonesian (Level 1 and Level 2)

Elementary Indonesian prepares the students to use the language for daily activities; e.g. for use at home with servants and drivers, at the office with clerks and secretaries, as well as in shops and market places, with taxi drivers, etc.


Elementary Indonesian has two levels: Elementary 1 and Elementary 2.


B. Intermediate Indonesian

Intermediate Indonesian prepares the students to read newspapers, magazines, business letters, simple reports and to write simple compositions, and to take part in discussions.


C. Advanced Indonesian

Advanced Indonesian prepares the students to read articles in their fields of expertise, to take part in meetings, discussions and seminars, to write papers in the same fields.


D.  Bahasa Indonesia for Busy People

Bahasa Indonesia for Busy People is specially designed for office people who do not have time to study or do their homework.


Both  Bahasa Indonesia  for Busy People and the afternoon Elementary 1 classes are intended for beginners, but the evening class, as ‘For Busy People‘, is much more easier and relaxing compared to the afternoon one.  Accordingly, the syllabus for the afternoon class is much more difficult and demanding. 


Course Fees

Group Classes:

Group Classes are carried out twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday); 18.00 – 20.00 (evening class). A new class will be opened if a minimum of 6 students have enrolled.


 Length of Course  40 hours/level


Level Tuition Fee (incl. registration fee & textbook)
 Elementary 1  Rp 2.900.000,- /person
 Elementary 2  Rp 3.050.000,- /person
 Intermediate  Rp 3.450.000,- /person
 Advanced  Rp 3.800.000,- /person

Bahasa Indonesia for Busy People (Beginner Level)

 Rp 3.050.000,- /person



Student Visa

We do not provide student visa/KITAS for all BIPA Regular Programs.  


Assessment and Certificate

During the course each learner’s progress will be regularly monitored by his or her tutors. Learners who want to take the course for credit will be officially graded and we will provide the necessary documentation for the students’ academic transcript. 


Learners who are absent more than 10 sessions of the total 20 sessions will NOT be allowed to take a Final Test, and will NOT be given a Certificate of Completion accordingly   




Teaching and Learning Approach

We organize all courses using interactive methods to ensure fun and exciting atmosphere.




We provide you with highly experienced and qualified instructors specializing in Language Teaching and Learning. Our teaching staff at PPB are professionals who are supportive, caring and helpful.



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Only applicants over 18 are eligible to join the program.


Registration and request for information please email the Bahasa Indonesia Course Coordinator, Ibu Fifi Effendi (via email only).


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