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Legal Drafting Course

Drafting is an essential experience to prepare you to the practice of law. To that end, the Legal Drafting Course at PPB Atma Jaya is designed to provide you with the guidelines on drafting with regard for style, accuracy and readability as well as practice and feedback. This involves gaining mastery of rendering Indonesian legal terminologies into English as well as applying language skills in authentic writing. The course should also substantially reinforce and refine the writing skills that you have developed in the course of your day-to-day drafting tasks at your office.


The ultimate goal of the course is to get you ready to undertake drafting tasks demanded of lawyers. Specifically, the course should help you do the following:

  •   Approach drafting tasks (contracts, letters of attorney, letters, emails, etc.) with confidence.
  •   Choose language strategically: Understanding standard and common legal phrases
  •   Improve grammatical and semantic accuracy.
  •   Write clearly, concisely, and without inadvertent ambiguity.
  •   Draft documents with readable structure and style.
  •   Learn how to describe or translate Indonesian legal terminologies into English.

This course is especially intended for both law students and practicing lawyers alike, such as advocates, notaries, legal officers, as well as paralegals.



What will you get from this course?

This course will be conducted on the assumption that writer has a good understanding of the applicable law and any formalities necessary to establish binding relationship. Some explanations on legal issues arising at common law are presented, but these are limited to providing explanations of certain expressions, phrases or even entire clauses used in agreements.

In short, this course is intended to help learners design, understand and write agreements in legal English.



Enrolment & Admission Test Fee  

Rp 100.000,- / person



Course Fee

Rp 6.000.000,-/person



Course Length

32 teaching hours, 11 sessions @ 3 hours/session

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