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Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations


I.  General Rules

Course participants must obey the general rules applied in Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia, such as no smoking, drugs, etc in the campus.


II. Rules and Regulations in PPB Atma Jaya University

Placement Test

The Candidates of course participants (new course participants) must have a placement test in order to skip the basic 1 (one) level of the course. Besides that, to continue into a higher level, the candidates are also able to show a certificate from the previous institution as long as the certificate is issued for not more than two years.

Course participants must have another placement test if they have not been participating the course in more than one year after having a placement test.

Course participants must have another placement test if they are supposed to continue to the next level, but they have not been continuing to participate within one year.

Placement test result taken by the new applicants and decision on acceptance is confidential and absolute. 

2.    Attendance

Course participants must attend at least 50% of the course study. If the attendance of the course participants is less than 50%, the course participants cannot have a final test.

3.    Class adjustment

Course participants can adjust their class after being granted a permission from the course coordinator, providing that there is an avalable class.

4.    Final Exam

Only course participants, who attend at least 50% of attendance, are  allowed to have a final exam.

5.    Supplementary Exam

Supplementary exam are granted to the course participants after meeting an agreement from the course coordinator by providing reasons of not having the exam.

6.    Discipline in Time and Appearance

Course participants are expected to come on time and wear appropriate clothes.

7.    Certificate

7.1         Certificate is awarded to participants who has accomplished the  exam.

7.2         The minimum score as a pass mark is 55, and 60 for BIPA Programs.

7.3         Certificate will be processed when there is a request from the participants by completing the
              Certificate Request Form.

7.4         Request of certificate can only be processed within one year after the course has finished.

7.5         If the original certificate that has been received is lost, PPB will  only issue a notification letter of
              attending a course, providing that the issue date of the certificate  is not more than two years.

7.6         Certificate is taken by the respective course participant, not a representatative. If the course
              participants cannot take their own certificate respectively, they have to submit a power of attorney

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