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What is the purpose of the AJLET?

The AJLET is  a test  of legal English primarily intended for Indonesian law students, lawyers, notaries,  paralegals  and  legal translators. This test may be used  by legal employers as a means of assessing the legal English knowledge and vocabulary as well as grammar of their lawyers or job applicants. Besides, legal students or professionals may take the AJLET on their own account as a means of proving their legal English skills to prospective employers. Unlike the general English proficiency tests such as the TOEFL and IELTS, the AJLET has been developed specifically to test the ability of the test takers to use English for translating or writing legal texts.


Where can I take the AJLET?

You can sit for the AJLET at Pusat Pengajaran Bahasa Universitas Atma Jaya (PPB Atma Jaya). However, you can arrange to have the test administered  on  your promises if a minimum of 10 candidates register for the test.


How do I register for the AJLET?

You can register for the AJLET by  visiting PPB Atma Jaya  (Yustinus Building, 14th floor, Jalan Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 51, Jakarta Selatan) or you can simply send us an email at to make an appointment for the test. We will send you the registration form as well as the instruction on the test payment procedure by email.


What is the fee for the AJLET?

The fee for the test is IDR 500,000 (five hundred thousand rupiah), which may be paid in cash at our office or alternatively you may also pay the fee into our account with Bank Mandiri (Account Number: 122-00-122456-0), Beneficiary: “Yayasan Atma Jaya (PPB)”. If you make payment by means of the latter option, please email us the payment slip to obtain your Test ID Card for presentation on the day of the test.


How long is the testing session of the AJLET?

The total time for the testing session of the AJLET is 120 minutes (2 hours). When you finish the test earlier than the allotted time, you may leave the exam room.


What kinds of questions are found on the AJLET?

The majority of the questions  on the  AJLET  are  multiple-choice, with one  section requiring you to translate brief extracts of legal texts (such as powers of attorneys, contracts, court decisions, etc).

The AJLET is comprised of 3 sections, all of which are designed to reflect on your skills in writing/translating legal texts in English.

Section 1 : Legal Vocabulary

Section 2 : Grammar and Word Choice

Section 3 : Legal Translation



Section 1: Legal Vocabulary

Section 1 comprises 25 multiple-choice questions. This section is intended  to test your familiarity with various legal terminologies and phrases. This section tests your knowledge  of the common-law terminologies as you often encounter in English contracts and your ability to associate them with their Indonesian counterparts, if any.


1.  The Indonesian term “Kitab Undang-Undang Hukum Acara Pidana” may be best translated into English as…..

a.  Criminal Code

b.  Penal Code

c.  Code of Criminal Procedure

d.  Book of Laws on the Criminal Program


2.  At common law, a court order requiring a party to do or stop doing something is often referred to as…………

a. Writ

b. Injunction

c. Subpoena

d. Warrant


Section 2: Grammar and Word Choice

Section 2 comprises 20 multiple-choice questions. In this section of the test, you will be given part of Indonesian legal texts (in italics) and you are required to choose the BEST English  translation out of four options given. We understand  that translation is never absolute; however, the test has been designed to challenge you to identify a translated version that is most acceptable to English in terms of grammar as well as word choice especially in the legal register.



1.  “Penghadap  sah  mewakili  Direksi berdasarkan  surat  kuasa di bawah tangan tanggal 14 Februari 2012 dan oleh karena itu berhak bertindak atas nama Perusahaan.”

a. The  appearer  duly representing the Board of Director pursuant to the underhand power of attorney dated 14 February 2012 and therefore is entitled to act on behalf of the Company.

b. The  appearer  duly represents  the  Board  of Directors under  the  unnotarized power of attorney  dated 14 February 2012 and is therefore authorized to act in the name of the Company.

c. The appearer  is legally represented by the Board of Directors pursuant to the privately-made power  of attorney  dated  14 February 2012 and therefore  is authorized to act under the name of the Company.

d. The appearer  duly  represents   the  Board of Directors  under  the  privately- executed   power  of  attorney   dated   14  February  2012  and  is  therefore authorized to act on the name of the Company.

This section of the test requires you to translate two brief texts, one of which is from English into Indonesian and the other is from Indonesian into English. Your responses will be assessed in terms of accuracy in grammar, word choice, as well as readability.





Translate the following text from English into




This Agreement shall be binding on, and shall inure to the benefit of, the Parties and their respective successors and assigns, but neither Party may assign or transfer any of its rights, benefits or obligations under this Agreement without the prior consent in writing of the other Party (which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld).

Your translation:


Translate the following text from Indonesian into


Pasal 13: Menyimpang dari ketentuan Pasal 10 di atas, dalam hal terjadi peristiwa cidera janji sebagaimana tertera dalam pasal 12, Pihak

Kedua, setelah menyampaikan pemberitahuan atas terjadinya peristiwa tersebut, dapat mengalihkan sebagian atau seluruh hak dan kewajibannya berdasarkan Perjanjian ini kepada pihak ketiga sepanjang pengalihan tersebut dimaksudkan untuk memenuhi kewajiban-kewajibannya berdasarkan Perjanjian ini; senantiasa dengan ketentuan

bahwa pengalihan tersebut diizinkan oleh Pihak Pertama dan tidak bertentangan dengan peraturan dan perundang-undangan yang berlaku.

Your translation:



How is the AJLET scored?

The AJLET will  have section scores for each of the three  sections. The score will be presented in percentage  which represents  the actual percentage of the total correct answers for each section, except for Section 3, for which the percentage  is derived from a score conversion process. The final total score is then converted into a band of


0 (Incompetent) – 9 (Expert) on the basis of the following conversion table.


Final Score





91 - 100



Has fully operational command of both the language and the common law system. Is especially knowledgeable about comparative law and terminologies used at common law. Demonstrates amazing fluency and accuracy in translating or writing English legal texts.

81 - 90


Very Good

Has fully operational command of both the language and the common law system, with only occasional unsystematic inaccuracies and inappropriacies. Handles the complex language of the law well.

71 - 80



Has operational command of the language and comparative law, though with occasional inaccuracies, inappropriacies, and misunderstandings. Can handle complex legal language well.

61 - 70



Has generally sound knowledge of the English legal language. Is familiar  with terminologies in certain areas of law. Demonstrates sufficient accuracy in translating or writing English legal texts.

51 - 70



Has partial command of the language and the common law system, coping with overall meaning in most situations, though likely to make many mistakes. Should be able to express his/her meaning in certain areas of law, although with a modest level of accuracy.

41 - 50



Has limited exposure to English legal texts. Is familiar to only certain areas of law. Demonstrates a low degree of accuracy in translating or writing English legal texts.

31 - 40


Extremely limited

Has extremely limited exposure to English legal texts. Is not familiar with legal terminologies of various areas. Is unable to tackle issues of nonequivalence.

0 - 30



Essentially has no ability to draft or translate contracts or other legal texts. Is not familiar with English legal terminologies. Needs training in legal drafting/legal translation.


Your test results can be collected at our office within no later than 5 days of taking the test. Your overall band score will be given on the AJLET Score Report Form, as will the breakdown of your scores in the three separate sections.


Can I retake the test?

You may repeat the test within at least 6 months as from the previous test.


Contact and Registration: PPB ATMA JAYA

Gedung Yustinus, lantai 14

Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 51

Jakarta Selatan.






Contact Person: Ayu Putu Andayani


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