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Legal Translation Course

The Legal Translation Course (LTC) at PPB Atma Jaya is a 3-level course (i.e. Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels), carefully designed to provide you with a hands-on training in translating as well as interpreting legal documents from Indonesian into English, and vice versa. Each level is comprised of 32 hours of instruction, embracing discussions of the linguistic aspects as well as the legal aspects of the translation process – which may also lead to improvement in the skills of drafting legal documents in general.


You will gain greater insight into the techniques for translating legal documents, for example: to what extent can you vary the source text? How do you cope with the issue of non-equivalence? Should a legal translation be faithful or idiomatic? Moreover, you will also learn how to use the common archaic legal adverbials (e.g. hereto, hereof, thereof, heretofore), the special uses of modal auxiliaries (e.g. shall, may, must ) in legal English, the legal terminologies, and many more.


In brief, this course is designed to give you the opportunity to study and practice various aspects of legal translation work and is based upon detailed study of, and practice in, translating texts and exercises drawn from various sources and covering a broad range of legal issues. Particular attention is placed on the acquisition of the right terminology and on the use of the appropriate register and style.


The module involves the study of procedures and techniques for translation and encourages the analysis of translation problems in legal texts through commentary, comparative analysis and the use of parallel texts. You’ll work with a wide range of texts and exercises drawn from a variety of sources, including print and internet publications dealing with legal issues.


Finally, this course will hone your skill in translating legal documents and prepare you to sit the “Qualifying Examination for Translators” (Ujian Kualifikasi Penerjemahan, UKP)* with greater confidence.



Some Topics

  • Overview of Some Theories and Principles of Translating Legal Documents
  • Some Linguistic Aspects of the Legal Translation
  • Some Legal Writing Styles
  • The Issues of Equivalence and Non-equivalence in Legal Translation.
  • The “Legalese” in legal instruments
  • Common Features of the Legal Language
  • Legal Terminology and phrases
  • Guided Practice: Translating excerpts of “Agreements”, “Power of Attorney”, “Acts”, “deeds”, etc.



Who should attend the course?

This course is a must-take for those who are interested in becoming a sworn translator as well as for English teachers who wish to explore Legal English for the purpose of teaching ESP (English for Law) to develop their professional skills. In addition, this LTC should be inspiring and useful for lawyers, notaries, law students as they will learn a lot of legal terminologies and translating skill, which are badly needed in their work as legal practitioners.




  1. All prospective participants are required to register and take the admission/diagnostic test at PPB Atma Jaya.
  2. All prospective participants must begin with the Basic level. The Basic level is challenging even for those who have  great command of the English language, for it covers the most important things a legal translator must know: the principles of legal translation, basic legal terminologies, common pitfalls in legal translation, etc.
  3. The Intermediate and Advanced Levels are offered exclusively to those who have passed the Basic level at PPB Atma Jaya (as evident from the Certificate of Basic LTC).



Enrollment & Admission Test Fee                                                                                               

Rp 100.000,-/person/Level



Course Fee

  • Basic Level            : Rp 5.700.000-/person
  • Intermediate Level : Rp 5.800.000,-/person
  • Advanced Level      : Rp 6.000.000,-/person

(incl. materials, certificates and refreshments)



Course Length                                                                                                                 

Each level is comprised of 32 teaching hours, 16 sessions @ 2 hours/session




  • Basic: Tuesday and Thursday (2x/week), 18:00 – 20:00
  • Intermediate/Advanced: Monday and Wednesday (2x/week), 18:00  20:00



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