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Testimonial Legal Courses Client

Rosmalela Napitupulu (Iyos)

Legal and Compliance Manager

PT OSRAM Indonesia.   



As a legal and compliance manager in a multinational company, I often have to translate the company’s legal documents, such as relevant regulations, guidelines and contracts. Before joining the Legal Translation Courses at Atma Jaya University, I took things for granted and never realized that I made a number of mistakes in my translations. Joining the LTC at PPB Atma Jaya has really boosted my confidence, for I learned the principles of Legal translation and some strategies to deal with difficult terminologies. The teacher delivered the course material in a relaxed but serious manner. Apart from the translation exercises, he sometimes gave us quizzes to check our grasp of the lessons and our improvement. He responded to the students’ questions clearly and logically.


I strongly recommend this course to anyone whose job is concerned with legal translation, such as legal officers, secretaries, notaries, lawyers, translators, etc. Now that I have passed my Basic class, I will certainly continue with the “Intermediate LTC, and later with the “Advanced LTC”. I will take this opportunity to improve my translating skills from the expert.

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