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Testimonial from Translator

Translator and Teacher

Nike Sinta Karina

Faculty of Humanities
University of Indonesia


Evand Halim is one of a few teachers who has made a lasting impression on me. I took Basic Legal Translation Course and Advanced Legal Translation Course in 2008 at PPB Atma Jaya and from day one I have been spellbound by Evand’s extensive knowledge and expertise in legal translation as well as Evand’s way of transfering that knowledge to us, the participants, who were mostly non legal practitioners. Evand’s clear, in-depth explanation which covers language and legal aspects whenever Evand discusses a piece of translation work is what I find the most enriching. I don’t want to miss a thing in Evand’s class! Evand introduces us to the relevant theories, carefully guides us in the translation practice through discussion, and supplies us with lists of necessary vocabulary as well as familiarize ourselves with various kinds of dictionaries. Despite the seemingly heavy subject that Evand teaches, Evand can create a learning atmosphere that is both challenging and enjoyable. Furthermore, as an instructor, Evand is a role model to me as even to the silliest questions Evand’s response shows enormous patience.


Last but not least, I deeply admire Evand for having successfully equipped me within less than 70 hours with some essential principles to hold on to and an ample amount of knowledge so that I managed to confidently embark on my own journey across the dense jungle of legal translation. Evand has taught me something far beyond legal terminology since it is my whole understanding of Evand’s view on legal translation and on how the translation is done which resonates clearly every time I do my translation work. Just like an immensely experienced traveler, Evand tells me where and when to look and move rightward, leftward, forward and backward, reminds me to tiptoe on ground full of landmines, and warns me not to fall into a quicksand and not to get drowned like some ignorant travelers. Now teaching a legal translation course myself, I hope that I continue to be inspired by Evand’s passion for legal English and legal translation.


Thank you Pak Evand for opening my eyes and allowing me to behold and take pleasure in the mystery and intricacy of legal translation.


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